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Paint Mixing Services
Paint Mixing
  • Full Dulux colour range available - including lots of colours which are no longer available off the shelf
  • This is a while-you-wait service


Tester pots: 250ml £4.50
Matt, Soft Sheen or Silk emulsions: 1L £19.99, 2.5L £34.99 or 5L £59.99
Easycare Washable & Tough: 2.5L £36.99 or 5L £59.99
Mould-proof Easycare Bathroom+ and greaseproof Easycare Kitchen+: 1L £19.99 or 2.5L £36.99
Gloss, Satinwood and Eggshell: 500ml £14.99
Gloss and Satinwood: 1L £24.99 or 2.5L £36.99
Weathershield Exterior Gloss and Satinwood: 1L £32.99
Weathershield Masonry, Smooth or Textured: 5L £39.99
Cuprinol Garden Shades: 1L £16.99 or 2.5L £36.99
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