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Car Care
Spontex Microfibre Cloths
Spontex Microfibre Cloths 4pc
4 in stock at Sandhurst
SuperBright Car Sponge
Nova SuperBright Jumbo Car Sponge
20 in stock at Sandhurst
Nova Car Sponge
Nova Whopper Car Sponge
7 in stock at Sandhurst
Harris Microfibre 5pc
Harris Microfibre Cleaning Cloths 5pc
Out of stock at Sandhurst
TWax Zip Wax Wash
TurtleWax Zip Wax Wash & Wax Concentrate 1L
  • Unique formula with carnauba for a high-sheen finish
TWax Scratch Remover
TurtleWax Scratch Remover 100ml
TWax ClearVue
TurtleWax ClearVue Glass Cleaner Spray 500ml
TWax Odor-X
TurtleWax Odor-X Whole Car Blast
TWax Original 500ml
TurtleWax Original Hard Shell Car Wax 500ml
TWax Black in a Flash
TurtleWax Black in a Flash Trim & Tyre Wax 300ml
TWax Wheel Cleaner
TurtleWax Wheel Cleaner Spray 500ml
TWax Dash Glass Clean
TurtleWax Dash & Glass Interior Cleaner Spray 500ml
TWax Luxe Leather
TurtleWax Luxe Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 500ml
TWax Headlight Clean Seal
TurtleWax Headlight Cleaner & Sealant 300ml
TWax Waterless Wash
TurtleWax Waterless Wash & Wax 750ml
TWax Wax It Wet
TurtleWax 'Wax It Wet' Spray 500ml
TWax Interior 1
TurtleWax Interior 1 Multi-Purpose Cleaner 400ml
  • Superior 1-step cleaning for all fabrics, carpets and vinyl
TWax Redline Wheel Clean
TurtleWax Redline Wheel Cleaner 500ml
TWax Dry Shine Spray
TurtleWax Dry & Shine Rinse Wax Spray 750ml
TWax Jet Black Spray
TurtleWax Jet Black Spray Polish 500ml
TWax Wet Black Tyre Foam
TurtleWax Wet & Black Tyre Foam 500ml
Pingi Car Dehumidifier
Pingi Reusable Car Dehumidifier
TWax Wet n Black
TurtleWax Wet 'n' Black Trim & Tyre Gel 300ml
T-Cut Original
Carplan T-Cut Original Restorer 300ml
Demon Foam Shampoo
Carplan Demon Foam Car Shampoo 2L
  • With built-in foam gun
Ready Mix Screenwash 5L
Ready-Mixed Screenwash 5L
Concentrated Screenwash 5L
Concentrated Screenwash 5L
Fai 1Cyl Foot Pump
Fai Single-Cylinder Foot Pump
Fai 2Cyl Foot Pump
Fai Double-Cylinder Foot Pump
Fai Tyre Inflator
Fai 12V Tyre Inflator
  • Max pressure 100psi / 7bar
Chubby Ice Scraper
Carplan Chubby Ice Scraper
  • Colours may vary
BlueStar De-Icer Aero
Carplan BlueStar De-Icer Aerosol 600ml
BlueStar De-Icer Trigger
Carplan BlueStar De-Icer Trigger Spray 500ml
BlueStar AntiFreeze
Carplan BlueStar Anti-Freeze & Coolant 1L
Demon Ice Spray
Carplan Demon Ice Spray 1L
  • Melts ice fast
  • Prevents overnight freezing
  • Cherry fragrance
SilverHook Quick Start
SilverHook Quick Start 400ml
  • For petrol, diesel or paraffin engines
Particulate Filter Clean
SilverHook Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml
  • Extends the life of particulate filters
Isopon P38S
Isopon P38S Multi-Purpose Car Body Filler Kit 250ml
  • Repairs most types of minor damage
  • Easy to sand smooth
Isopon P40S
Isopon P40S Car Body Filler Kit for Holes 250ml
  • Fibreglass-reinforced formula
  • Repairs rust holes up to 75mm wide
Jump Leads 200A
SilverHook Jump Leads 2.5m 200A
Tow Rope 2T
Faithfull Tow Rope 2000kg / 2 Tonne
Elastic Tow Rope 3T
Faithfull Elastic Tow Rope 4m 3000kg / 3 Tonne
SilverHook Petrol Can 5L
SilverHook Petrol Can Unleaded 5L
  • Includes spout
Fai Jerry Can 20L
Faithful Metal Jerry Can 20L Green
Carlube LM2
Carplan Carlube LM2 Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease 500g
  • Lithium-based
Rocol Sapphire AquaSil
Rocol Sapphire Aqua-Sil High Performance Grease 85g
  • Effective at extreme temperatures
  • Suitable for drinking water applications
  • Water- and chemical-resistant
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