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Kilner Glassware
Kilner Clip Square 500ml
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Square 500ml
Kilner Clip Square 1L
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Square 1L
Kilner Clip Square 1.5L
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Square 1.5L
Kilner Clip Square 2L
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Square 2L
Kilner Breakfast Jar 350ml
Kilner Breakfast Jar 350ml with Spoon
  • Wide opening - easy to eat from
  • Silicone seal keeps food fresh and prevents spills
Kilner Clip Facet 450ml
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Facetted 450ml
Kilner Clip Facet 950ml
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Facetted 950ml
Kilner Clip Facet 1.8L
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Facetted 1.8L
Kilner Clip Facet 2.2L
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Facetted 2.2L
Kilner Clip Round 1L
Kilner Clip-Top Jar Round 1L
Kilner Clip Bottle
Kilner Clip-top Bottle 1L
Kilner Screw Jar 250ml
Kilner Screw-Top Preserve Jar 250ml
Kilner Screw Jar 500ml
Kilner Screw-Top Preserve Jar 500ml
Kilner Screw Jar 1L
Kilner Screw-Top Preserve Jar 1L
Kilner Strawberry 400ml
Kilner Screw-Top Jar Strawberry 400ml
Kilner Twist Top 228ml
Kilner Round Twist Top Jar 228ml
Kilner Twist Top 580ml
Kilner Round Twist Top Jar 580ml
Kilner Jar Mug
Kilner Jar Mug 400ml
Kilner Jar Seal Set
Kilner Jar Seal Set
  • To fit 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L and 2L Kilner clip-top jars
Kilner Wax Discs
Kilner Wax Discs 200pc
Kilner Preserve Lids
Kilner Preserve Jar Lids 12pc
Kilner Jar Tag Set
Kilner Jam Jar Tag Set 13pc
Kilner Jar Tongs
Kilner Jar Tongs
  • Easily and securely handle jars during sterilisation
Kilner Jam Pan
Kilner Jam Pan
Kilner Thermometer
Kilner Thermometer & Lid Lifter
Kilner Jam Spoon
Kilner Stainless Steel Jam Spoon
Kilner Muslin Sq 50cm
Kilner Muslin Square 50x50cm
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
Kilner Easy Fill Funnel
Kilner Stainless Steel Easy Fill Funnel
  • Dishwasher safe
Kilner Strainer Funnel
Kilner Stainless Steel Strainer Funnel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not safe for microwaves
Kilner Silicone Funnel
Kilner Silicone Jar Funnel
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