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Mortice Locks
PLEASE NOTE: these products cannot be refunded once opened!
Mortice Latches
  • Brass
  • Chrome
2-Lever Mortice Locks
2-Lever Mortice Latch & Lock Units
5-Lever Insurance-rated Mortice Locks
5-Lever Insurance-rated Mortice Latch & Lock Units
Bathroom Latch & Lock Units
Know Your Fixing Depths...
  • All of these products are available in 2.5" or 3" depth versions
  • You will need to ensure you get the right version to fit your door - if in doubt, then you can bring in your old unit (or the measurements for it) and we will be happy to help you match the right replacement
  • We are unable to source striker plates separately from the latch or lock - apologies for any inconvenience
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