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Light Bulbs
Light Bulb Deal
  • Buy four identical light bulbs* and get a fifth FREE!
  • Offer does not include fluorescent tubes and some specialist bulb types
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LED Lighting
Linear Halogen 78mm
Linear Halogen Security Strip Light 78mm
  • Available in 80W or 120W
Linear Halogen 117mm
Linear Halogen Security Strip Light 117mm
  • Available in 80W, 120W, 160W, 230W or 400W
MPlug LED Night Lights 2pc
MasterPlug Dusk-Dawn LED Night Lights 2pc
G4 Halogen Capsule
12V G4 Halogen Capsule
  • Available in 5W, 10W or 20W
G9 Halogen Capsule
G9 Halogen Capsule
  • Available in 18W (=25), 33W (=40) or 42W (=60)
Halogen R39 20W
Halogen R39 Spotlight 20W SES
  • Suitable for use in most lava lamps
12V MR16 Dichroic
12V GU5.3 MR16 Dichroic Halogen Spotlight Bulb
  • Available in 20W, 35W or 50W
Tungsten Sign Lamp
Tungsten Pygmy Bulb / Sign Lamp Clear
  • Available in 15W or 25W
  • Available with SES, BC or SBC fittings
Nightlight Bulb
Nightlight Bulb 7W
  • Available with E12 or SES/E14 fittings
Appliance Bulb SES
Appliance Bulb SES
  • Available with SES or SBC fittings
Cooker Hood SES
Cooker Hood Bulb 40W SES
Oven Bulb SES
Oven Bulb SES Clear
  • Available in 15W or 25W
  • Heat resistant to 300°C
Oven Bulb 40W
40W Oven Bulb SES Clear
  • Heat resistant to 300°C
G4 Oven Capsule
12V G4 Oven Capsule 20W
  • Heat resistant to 300°C
G9 Oven Capsule
G9 Oven Capsule 40W
  • Heat resistant to 300°C
Also Available...
Fluorescent Tubes / Strip Lights
  • T8 Fluorescent Tubes: up to 6' length
  • T5 Mini Fluorescent Tubes: several sizes available
  • T4 Mini Fluorescent Tubes: several sizes available
  • T4 Fluorescent Link Light Tubes & Fittings: 6W / 10W / 16W / 20W
  • DD Lamps: 16W / 28W, 2- or 4-pin versions available
  • Circular Fluorescent Lamps
Various Specialist Lights
  • If you need something out of the ordinary, bring your old bulb in to the shop and we'll do our best to match it for you
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