Category Icon Electrical Extensions & Adaptors
Product Variants
Direct Socket Adaptors 1x shaver adaptor
2x / 3x adaptor cubes
4x adaptor
4x individually switched
4x indiv switch with surge protection
Extension Reels 4m 4x
8m 4x
10m 4x
12m 4x
15m 4x
25m 2x / 4x
TriPro 25m 4x
50m 2x
Extension Blocks 1m 2x
2m 1x / 4x
2m 4x individually switched
2m 6x / 10x with surge protection
5m 1x / 2x / 4x
Trailing Sockets 1x / 2x
Travel Adaptors UK plug to EU socket
UK plug to US socket
UK plug to EU / US sockets twin pack
EU / US plug to UK socket
USB power supply multi pack
Standard 13A Plug 2m 4-Gang Extension Lead 8m 4-Gang Extension Reel 25m 2-Gang Extension Reel