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Dandy runner Kersey plain mat Newton PVC-backed mat Tyre mat
Dandy runner
our price: £10.99 / metre
Kersey plain mats (various sizes)
our prices: £9.99 to £26.99
Newton PVC-backed mat
our price: £14.99
Tyre mat
our price: £24.99

Wrought Iron mats Tuffridge mats Wrought Iron & Coir mat Classic Astroturf mat
Wrought Iron mats
our price: £9.99
Tuffridge mats
our price: £14.99
Wrought Iron & Coir mat
our price: £12.99
Classic Astroturf mat
our price: £8.99

Bradfield Ladder mat Bradfield Half-Moon mat Boot Scraper mat Premium Rib mats
Bradfield Ladder mat
our price: £11.99
Bradfield Half-Moon mat
our price: £11.99
Boot Scraper mat
our price: £14.99
Premium Rib mats (two sizes)
our prices: £2.99 to £4.99

Featured Products: Washamats

Washamats by William Armes
Available in a range of sizes and colours:
  • 60x40cm: £12.99
  • 80x50cm: £19.99
  • 90x60cm: £24.99
  • 120x90cm: £59.99
  • 150x90cm: £69.99
  • 180x60cm: £59.99

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Carpet, Mat & Rug Accessories
  • Carpet Gripper Strips
  • Anti-slip Rug Underlay