Category Icon Kitchen & Cookery
Category Products
General-purpose Household Scissors
Knives & Accessories Kitchen knives
Knife sharpeners
Magnetic knife holders
Cooking & Serving Utensils Bean slicers
Can & jar openers
Ceramic baking beans
Cheese wires
Cherry pitters
Chopping Boards
Citrus fruit squeezers
Cook's blowtorches
Cook's spoons, spatulas, etc
Corn-on-the-cob holders
Egg separators, poachers & slicers
Gas lighters
Gravy separators
Ice-cream scoops
Measuring spoons & cups
Mortars & Pestles
Multi-purpose tongs
Nut crackers
Pastry blenders, brushes & cutters
Piping sets
Pizza slicers
Rolling pins
Salad spinners
Sifting jugs
Skewers (metal / bamboo)
Utensil Stands
Vegetable peelers
Table & Picnic Beakers & glasses
Bowls & plates
Cool boxes
Drinks bottles
Lunch coolers
Thermos flasks
For Drinks Corkscrews
Tea infusers & strainers
Wine pourers, stoppers & preservers
For Cleaning Up Bottle brushes
Ceramic hob scrapers
Cutlery drainers
Draining boards
Scourers & sponges
Sink mats
Sink strainers
Towel holders
Washing-up bowls
Food Wrapping Bag clips
Cling film
Kitchen foil
Polybag ties
Polythene freezer bags

Food Preparation Containers

Product Variants
Pudding Basins Ceramic / Plastic / Pyrex
Mixing Bowls
Cake Tins Round / Square / Loaf
Ceramic Lasagne Dishes 30cm / 33cm
Pyrex Glass Dishes Casserole dish 1.25L round
Pie dish 0.75L oval
Pizza plate
Roasters 26cm / 35cm / 40cm
Pyrex Glass Jugs 1 cup / 1 pint / 1L
Hexagonal Jam Jars 8oz / 12oz

Pyrex & Kilner Glassware

Pyrex dishes

Top to bottom: oval casserole dish; 500ml/1pt measuring jug; quiche/flan dish; classic rectangular roaster; multipurpose glass cooking sheet; round casserole dish; chicken roaster - just a few of the many Pyrex items we have in stock!

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Pans & Trays

Product Available Sizes
Saucepans 18cm / 20cm
Frying Pans 20cm / 24cm / 26cm / 28cm / 30cm
Woks 20cm / 26.5cm
Poaching Pans 1- to 4-egg versions
Ribbed Grill Pans Square 23cm / Round 24cm
Jam Pans 8L
Milk Pans 14cm
Pyrex Classic Trays 33x25cm
Pyrex Classic Deep Trays 26x19cm / 35x26cm
Pyrex Classic Loaf Trays 26cm / 30cm
Pyrex Classic Multi-hole Trays Shallow 4-hole / Deep 6-hole
Pyrex Classic Round Trays Smooth-edge 30cm / Ribbed-edge 30cm
Roasters Standard / Extra Large
12-hole bun sheets
Cooling Racks
Pizza Stones
Simmer Rings
Splatter Screens