Category Icon Switches, Sockets, Junction Boxes, etc
Product Variants
Back Boxes: Metal single / double
Back Boxes: Plastic
Switched Sockets
Single Switch single-box only
Multi Switches (2x / 3x)
Dimmer Switches (1x / 2x)
Switch with Fuse
Switch with Indicator Light
Switch with Fuse and Indicator Light
45 Amp Switch
45 Amp Cooker Cable Outlet
Shaver Point double-box only
Junction Boxes 5-Amp 4-port for lighting
20-Amp 4-port for lighting
30-Amp 3-port for power
Cable Connectors 5 Amp 2-terminal / 13 Amp 3-terminal
Flex Connectors 2-pin / 3-pin
Connector Strips 5 Amp / 10 Amp / 15 Amp / 30 Amp
Through Switches 2 Amp 3-core
Architrave Switches 6 Amp 1-gang 2-way
Cord-pull Ceiling Switches 2-way
Weatherproof Switches and Sockets single / double
25mm Metal Back Box 2-Gang Plateswitch